Car Insurance with Used Car Advertiser is an insurance comparison service with its main focus on the car insurance sector.

First launching in 2002 our aim is to find the cheapest car insurance policy for customers by searching through over 130 insurance providers with just one form to fill out.

The main goal of is to help customers save money by searching major insurance brands such as Admiral, Elephant and Hastings and to display policies in a simple, easy to understand format.

Why choose Compare up to 120 insurance policies in one place

The quote process only takes an average of 5 minutes Customers can choose to change policy details such as excess amounts, legal cover and hire car replacement.

How to get a quote: Your vehicle: Your vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition Is registered and normally used in the UK Some insurers may allow the vehicle to be used abroad for a limited period About the driver:

All drivers must hold a valid UK drivers licence Drivers must be over the age of 17 They must be a resident of mainland UK Information needed to quote:

Drivers licence – If you have any penalty points, speeding tickets or disqualifications in the last 5 years the details will be required in the quote process.

No claims bonus – This could entitle you to up to 75% discount on your policy and a proof of no claims may be required by your new insurer.

Vehicle details – The registration, make and model are important to ensure that an accurate quote is produced. Details of other drivers – If you need to add further drivers onto the policy then their details will also be required as part of the quote process. Annual mileage – The number of miles that you drive can affect the price of your insurance. Payment – Make sure that you have your credit, debit or bank details to hand to buy your premium.

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